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A personal spiritual experience

Cloisters Ignatian Prayer

Experience the power of a centuries-old spiritual practice. Continue your journey of self-discovery with video lessons, prayers and reflection exercises, and hours of uplifting content.

The Spiritual Exercises

Video lessons, reflections, and meditations to help you along the way in your spiritual journey.

The Stations of the Cross

A meditative prayer on Christ’s journey through the Stations of the Cross.

Bishop Sheen

Join Bishop Sheen as he speaks with wisdom and humor on spiritual issues relevant to today's world.

What you can expect from the experience

Guided Lessons

Religious scholars guide you through the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius.

Spiritual Exercises

Thoughtful questions and prayers deepen your understanding.

Silent Meditation

Set aside time to pause and reflect on your own goals as you contemplate each lesson.

Joy & Well-being

A regular spiritual practice is known to ease stress and promote happiness.

The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius

Week 01

God’s Love & Mercy

The retreat begins with reflecting on our sins and how they help strengthen our bond with God.

Week 02

Life of Jesus

An examination of Jesus’ early years, leading to his historic arrival in Jerusalem.

Week 03

The Passion

A look at Jesus’ life and sacrifices, from the Last Supper to his death on the cross.

Week 04

Resurrection & God’s Love

Religious scholars discuss the Resurrection and how God’s love nurtures us throughout our lives.

Inspirational speakers, films & audio

stations of the cross

The Stations of the Cross

Walking the Stations of the Cross is about finding hope in dark places and answering the higher call. In this poetic film, you’ll follow in Jesus’ footsteps, sense his humility, and learn the power of listening with your heart.

archbishop sheen

Bishop Sheen

Get to know Bishop Fulton J. Sheen in a whole new way. For decades, the television host enlightened millions with wit and wisdom. As a member, you get access to a special curated collection of Bishop Sheen programs.

cloisters ignatian prayer

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